Beautiful Angus…. Scotland

I love to go out walking and explore and sometimes I don’t have to go very far to find places of history and intrest, Arbroath is almost on my door step and is still a working fishing harbour and on sunny days like this its a great day to get a bag of chips sit at the harbour and watch the world go by.

Arbroath is also famous for its ‘smokies’ only haddock is used for this and its worldly known, the fish is smoked over a half cut barrel depending on size depends on time. If you visit Arbroath you can still see the haddock being smoked the bedt view is from Spinks they are great he usually holds up the fish if he sees people with cameras CLICK HERE FOR SPINK LINK 

Arboath is also famous for its declaration in 1320, theres a statue of this here, its to recgonise Scotlands independence and to acknowledge Robert the Bruce as King. 

There is so much history in Angus 

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