Eating clean…. What even is that? And have I got the right idea?

Im trying really hard to do this ‘clean eating’ thing, you know for a healthier life and all, but it’s proving to be a bit challening.

I’m quite good at the breakfasts, actually I think I have those down to a fine are now, but lunch is a struggle, I go to the gym 5 ot of 7 days so I live a realativly healthy life in that way and so Im trying to adjust my eating habits to reflect this, I don’t want to go veggie or vegan but I just want the rest of my body to feel as healthy on the inside as it does on the out!

I think a nutrionist is going to be costly so I have turned to pintrest for ideas and well there are plenty of them on there, although how do I know still if Im doing the right thing??

OH the confusion and dilema!! Who knew tryng to have a healthy gut was so complicated, I have also been a chronic migraine sufferer, I had my first migraine at about 8 years old but was only diagnosed about 10 years ago in my 30’s so I’m thinking eating cleaner might help with these too, I’ve cut out all the usually culprits but I still get them 😦

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