20170407_110340So my teenage son and I went for a couple of days to Valencia, took in football match and a few sites, what a city absolutely stunning full of history and beautiful buildings, not that my teenager was into that part but he played along for a while and the rest I played at being Shirley Valentine, which was fun as I’d never exlpored like this before taking in sites and smells all by myself, camera around my neck and map in hand and off I went, I even stopped for a drink and I have to say I quiet enjoyed the experience, and well who doesn’t like a bit of people watching!!

I went to a huge market that I fell in love with, but then I totally love markets and love that in Spain they have markets where everything is still so fresh, although I wasn’t sure that I would be buyng my snails still moving around and trying to ecape in the bowl ha ha, I miss in the UK we don’t have these kind of markets even good farmers markets seem difficult to find. CLICK HERE FOR THE MARKET INFO

I had a lovely drink and snack in the Plaza de la Virgen CLICK HERE  for a link to Spanish attractions, the cafes are just surrounded by history and a beautiful fountain which has a story all of it own.

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